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    Receive revenues, from Dive Bonds sales, on the 15th of the following month.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Dive Bond values are inclusive of all taxes and service charges at time of redemption. Dive Bonds are valid for a period of 24 months after the date of maturation. Dive Bonds may be gifted or transferred to anyone. Card Holders need not be the end-user of the bonds. Dive Bonds cannot be refunded or redeemable for cash. Dive Bonds are designed to be used with cumulative value. Guests may redeem multiple bonds per transaction. Bonds may only be purchased via Bundle’s online platform. Dive Bonds will not be sold to or by travel agents.
Dive Bond vouchers are designed to hold value towards dive services, merchandise, accommodation and food/beverage services offered by the Dive Partners. Dive Bonds cannot be redeemed for governmental fees (harbour fees and/or National Park Admission fees). Dive Bonds may be gifted or transferred to anyone. Card Holders need not be the end-user of the bonds.
Once the sale of a voucher is finalised, the reservation and booking process is to be handled between the diver and Dive Partner. The guest may decide to contact you for booking or redeem its bond upon settlement of his final bill at your operation. Cancellations and changes by the dive operator need to be handled directly with the guest and guest should be refunded or dates postponed in agreement with the guest.
By signing up with Bundle, we will give you personal access to a Bundle Wallet for your business. In this wallet, you will have all details of your business, data of all bonds purchased and redeemable codes, guests information, amount of revenue due by Bundle and inventory of listed bonds. You will be able to automatically update your inventory should you wish to list more bonds, and update all your business information
Dive Bonds revenue is to be held by Bundle until the company account reaches a minimum of USD500 or on the 15th of the following month if requested; at which point the funds will be disbursed to the Dive Partner. Bundle will adhere to the TransferWise applicable rate when organising transfers to respective dive partners.
In the event that a Dive Partner chooses to withdraw their funds from their Bundle Wallet immediately, and before the balance has met the USD500 threshold, the transaction will incur a 5% handling fee. All transfer fees and exchange charges are absorbed by Bundle. These include credit card fees incurred during the purchase of the bond, and transfer fees incurred during the disbursement of funds from Bundle to the respective dive partners.
Should a Dive Partner face closure, it must advise Bundle at the earliest possible juncture. Cancellations by the dive operator need to be handled directly with the guest, with refunds or date changes to be agreed upon with the customer. Should your dive operation permanently close, arrangements should be made to pass the guest, and their voucher, to alternative dive shops in your area. By listing your dive operation on Bundle, you agree to provide services to the best of your ability in all good faith. Terms & Conditions for your operation need to be clearly outlined to the guests.

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