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    For USD100, buy Dive Bonds that offer up to 50% added value on your next dive adventure.

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    Wait for 2 weeks for your bonds to be ready to use.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Like any financial bond, our Dive Bonds represent an investment that comes to maturity after a predetermined period. What differs in our case, is that your return on investment is represented by awesome savings at your choice of dive operator.
Dive Bonds can be purchased and redeemed in bulk, meaning the more you buy the more you save! Each Dive Partner has a predetermined number of bonds available for purchase so make sure you don’t miss out! Grab some Dive Bonds for yourself and someone special as an awesome gift!
Dive Bonds have a maturation period of 14 days, meaning your bond effectively becomes a voucher for your chosen Dive Partner two weeks after purchase. It then has a shelf life of 24 months, giving you plenty of time to perfect the details of your holiday!
Dive Bonds can be used as gift cards for any diving enthusiast. Each bond is represented with a unique code and need not be redeemed by the purchaser. Give the gift of awesome dive deals to that special someone!
Dive Bonds are designed to hold value towards dive services, merchandise, accommodation, and food & beverage services offered by our Dive Partners. Each Dive Partner has icons that represent the services they offer for the Dive Bonds. Please check the Terms and Conditions of the relevant Dive Partner for what elected products are available under their Dive Bond offering. Dive Bonds are not designed to be redeemable for government charges such as harbour fees and/or National Park Admissions.
Dive Bonds need to be redeemed within 24 months of their maturation period.
Dive Bonds are non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash.
No there are not. Bundle is taking charge of all payment fees for you! No add-on credit card fees or hidden exchange fees. We offer the best possible deal at lowest cost possible so you can buy more bonds!
Upon completing the purchase of the Dive Bonds, reservations and subsequent booking processes are to be completed between you and the Dive Partner you have picked. Any unfortunate closures during the life of a bond must be handled between these two parties. The Dive Partner will do its utmost to reschedule new dates or find a nearby Dive Partner to accommodate your booking. Bundle is carefully choosing Dive Partners to uphold high standards of customer service and care.

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